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Get true answers from experts in College & College Life. is a site that sells used and new textbooks. It primarily targets students and college-goers who are looking for affordably priced books. The site claims to provide discounts as high as 90% on textbooks. enables users to buy, sell, and rent textbooks and e-textbooks online. When it comes to lower prices on textbooks, efficient service, book quality and condition, and fast delivery, certainly stands out from the competition. The site has an impressive inv...
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Cengage Brain is a portal for obtaining textbooks directly by buying or renting them By buying the textbooks you need from this site, you pay lower prices because you get you purchase directly from the publisher They sell ebooks, echapters and regular print books Their echapter facility allows you to get just the chapter you need for a particular course, so you pay much less money
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Are you going to college or university soon? Or are you sending your teenager there? Here is how you can experience the post-secondary life as stress-free as possible while gaining a valuable education, getting involved in the campus life and creating mature friendships with memorable, possibly career-beneficial experiences. Happy studying!
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Bookrenter provides textbook rentals to students at an affordable cost You can also buy and sell textbooks on the site If a customer needs to use a book for a longer period they can easily extend the rental period at the same low rate Students can rent books at really low prices and get great customer service and options as well These are a few of the categories they have available: Science Business Arts and Photography Health History
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Congratulation Messages for College Graduates! If you want to congratulate a person who just successfully completed his/her college degree, then you have reached the right spot. In this article you will find an excellent list of sample congratulation messages for college graduates. Read on to find the perfect message for the special college graduating occasion.
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While college education is very important, it is often the application that is more important. Hands-on training and application is very important when a person applies for a job. College education does not complete the process of education, it is only the beginning of the skill learning process. This is why experience is needed before the college graduate could truly say that he has a career.
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AbeBooks provides an online marketplace where sellers and buyers can trade in books The following categories of books are available through their website: Second hand books Bestsellers New books Cheap textbooks Rare and out of print books First editions and antiquarian texts Their site is a good place to find rare books from the past in good condition
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College students usually find themselves confronted with one of the difficult tasks to be accomplished during their college life. They need to write a research paper to finish their college degree. But how can one begin writing a research paper? Are there ways by which ideas would pop up in one's head? This article provides useful information to struggling students who want to begin writing a research paper but could not.
Published by Patrick Regoniel 67 months ago in College & College Life | +8 votes | 0 comments is the best online marketplace for students and professionals to buy, sell and rent textbooks matching to their needs and requirement. The books are offered at discounted price and with 30 days no question asked guarantee. Some of the services include: Rent Textbooks Buy Textbooks Sell Textbooks eTextbooks DVD and Blu-Ray College Clothing
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the-Essays have a very strict hiring process and their goal is to have a team of professional and well qualified writers so as to provide the best custom writing services in the market. Their talented writers and editors have got a degree of high level namely Masters or PhD and also have a long period working experience. The writing topics may cover all aspects like humanities, science, arts and technical subjects. the-Essays had a unique messaging board that helps the customers to communicate d...
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Kno is an online service from Santa Clara, California that sells downloadable e-textbooks to students as well as offering study support applications for using the texts. At the time of this writing the company offers two platforms for which one may subscribe: Kno for Web and Kno for iPad, for which the service has been specially designed. Making full use of the touch-orientation offered by iPad, the tools are state-of-the-art and intuitive. The Kno App is also available for Facebook regardless o...
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Education in law are displaying high levels of compensations, making this career highly selective. Future statistics have annual law professional incomes increasing with experience and specialized types of law practice. Students who are not able to attend a campus environment are finding online courses to meet the educational requirements as alternative methods of obtaining a law degree.
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Today's economy has affected the educational programs at all levels. These days, getting some financial assistance for college has become a competition for students and parents. Students taking the time to do the research will not only improve their chances of getting a grant or scholarship, they find that this path helps in planning their educational directions and career destiny.
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