Chegg Vs. BookRenter
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Chegg Vs. BookRenter

In this report
Renting textbook is much preferred by many people rather than buying them. If you are a college student that is in need of textbook for reference, renting textbook is such a great option. Especially if you are one of those students who suffers from financial issues, renting is a practical selection. Logically in terms of spending money, it is a great money-saving option. There is no need to buy if you can rent one. To help you out from buying such textbooks for school needs, a lot of different textbook rental companies and offer you different services such as online textbook rental, free shipping, low price rentals on textbooks, and lot more! Like what Chegg and Book Renter does!
#1 - Chegg
PROS: • The website of Chegg has a simple and user-friendly design that makes it easy and simple to use. Plus easy textbook lookup. • In case you need a contact support, Chegg has a live chat support and a phone number to contact. • You can sell your used textbook to Chegg, and they offer high payments. • Renting book for a cause- when you rent a book from Chegg, they plant trees around the world. • You can just order from Chegg online and have your books send to your door, no need to drive through. • Chegg uses Paypal and credit cards for online payments. CONS: • Chegg does not offer insurance which will serve as a lifesaver if something goes wrong while the book is in your custody. • You can't choose whether you rent a new or used book in Chegg. • The books in Chegg are only for rental, not for sale used. So in case you get to love one of the books you rent, you can't buy or own it. PRICING: • 21-day Guarantee- In case, you are not satisfied with the book, just return the book within 21 days. Then Chegg will provide you full refund.
#2 - BookRenter
PROS: • The Website of Book Renter looks very professional. • Overnight Shipping is offered by Book Renter, especially when you need the book in a hurry. • Book Renter has fast and free shipping. Plus, you can reuse the shipping boxes in returning process. • They will remind you about the due date of the book you rented through email or text. • You can sell books and buy books in Book Renter. CONS: • Book Renter does not offer insurance like Chegg. • Phone Service does not offer or available in Book Renter, while Chegg does. • There are some bad reviews or comments about this online textbook rental site. PRICING: • Renting Popular textbooks range from $15 - $35, while some depends upon the Category.
The Bottom Line
Both Chegg and Book renter aims to help students by making textbooks cheaper. Both textbook rental stores are giving great and helpful services for those people who are suffering from financial difficulties. But which textbook online or rental store is better? Based on reviews, Chegg is better than Book Renter in some aspects, especially with their planting tree project to help the environment and other people as well. When it comes to rent, buy and sell books, you can go for Book renter, because Chegg is not offering books for sale. Overall, in choosing to rent a textbook, you will have saved lots of money and time. Be practical!
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