College Entry Essay Advice
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College Entry Essay Advice

Colleges can be tricky when it comes to applying. This short article holds advice that will help many who have to write entry essays.

School is important for people of all ages. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it is never too late to go back to school and get a degree. My wife is living proof of that. I may also attend school in the future and I am older than she is. At the age of 28, my wife applied at a local college. The Art Institute of Portland is a very accredited school for art degrees; and believe it or not, many other fields of study that may surprise you. They asked my wife to ‘write’ an essay about what she hopes to achieve and get out of her experience at their facility. The essay only has to be 150 words long but can be longer.

Lucky for my wife I am an experienced writer. For those of you facing a similar issue having to write an essay about such things just remember that most schools may want you to butter them up a bit in such a paper, but they don’t all want you to kiss their butts. This essay is important for them to see what type of person you are and how they can best help you to achieve your goals.

Colleges want your money so they want you to attend their school as long as possible. Most of all they want that ‘high’ graduating record which makes them look more successful. If you want to write a successful essay then I would recommend that you write one with what I have told you in mind. Then be sure that you proof read it and make changes to sentence structures and other grammar necessary.

Your essay should entail what you have discovered that the college is offering you that you personally feel will benefit you and help you reach your goals. It shouldn’t say things like, BLANK College is the best, or BLANK College is the only college for me. That is over the top and can be viewed as sucking up. Discuss what you are trying to improve about you and how those skills you want to improve or gain are made available through the college you are applying for.

The more professional it looks, (showing that you put forth great effort), then the more it shows that you will put forth the same efforts to finish school. Schools want you to succeed, so you should also want to succeed. If grammar is not a strong point, then don’t be afraid to ask someone who is good at writing to help you.

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Article by Kevin C Davison

“I write to entertain, and for a cause.”

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