Comparison of Two Online Test Preparation Services That Provide Test Helping Material
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Comparison of Two Online Test Preparation Services That Provide Test Helping Material

In this report

There was a time when people had to travel to far off places on foot to study and gain knowledge. The universities and colleges started to establish, where the students would go learn and come back home. However, this era has changed the way study was done; now it is very seldom to find a full time student who does not do any job. Therefore, the need for such students and working professionals is to find platforms where they can study in whatever time they have available and pass the exams to compete with competition. This report gives a comparison of two online test preparation services, that provide test helping material, for IT professional, as well as high school students looking for certifications. The companies are mentioned in the lines below with their pros and cons.

#1 - KAPLAN SelfTest

KAPLAN SelfTest, is a company who is the owner of the renowned Self-Test software, the purpose of which is to help IT professionals to clear IT certificates, and degrees by giving them simulated tests and IT related problems. The company provides full facilitation starting from online courses, exam simulations, and their “cert prep” based software and products. The ultimate objective of all these products is to help IT professionals, compete with the rising competition and evolution in the IT industry, and attain certificates and degrees. The lines below give a few of the major pros and cons of the KAPLAN SelfTest.


  • The SelfTest practice tests can be easily downloaded to the computer, and when you are fully prepared with the help of software, you can take the corresponding test.
  • The interactive and most apt methods are used to help in studying, like, Learning Mode, Certification Mode, Realistic Simulations, and integrated Flash Cards.
  • The SelfTest product lines caters all leading technologies like, Microsoft, Sun, IBM, Cisco, Oracle, and CompTIA.
  • The company offers more than 140vendor-aurthorised tests and certifications.
  • There are certain exam packages that offer different vouchers.
  • A virtual lab is also offered for practical experimentation.


  • Close to the test date the virtual lab may experience some malfunctionality.
#2 - Method Test Prep

It is an online service that provides all sorts of facilities and helping material pertaining to ACT and SAT tests. The company provides all sorts of facilities to both schools, and individual customers, like test preparation material, human support, and lessons. The ultimate objective of all the facilities provided by the company is to help a student enhance test taking skills alongside increasing the knowledge. On the demand of the students, the company can also arrange for a local tutor to meet the students seven days a week. Some of the major pros and cons of MethodTestPrep service are given below.


  • The company has its social media account, where they cater all their customers and provide them with as much support as possible.
  • The website of the company is quite condensed and well built.
  • The tasks of the study are divided into 15minute pieces which help in building a healthy pace of student.
  • The students are assisted with tutorial guides, individual work programs, and live sessions.


  • The meeting of a tutor with students, though a good thing, but it results in consumption of time, which is on contrary to the purpose of the service.
The Bottom Line

In short, this fast paced life of today has made people to work double jobs. Moreover, in addition to this fret in double jobs, the working professionals also need to improve their education so that they are able to survive the coming trend of vicious competition. If you are an IT professional, working in your field, and are worried about the learning new technological developments that take place very frequently, then no need to worry because KAPLANSelfTest, the online test preparation services provider,  has the software and products that can assist you in learning the new technologies and clearing their certification test. On the other hand, if you are a high school student looking to pass your ACT and SAT exams, then Method is the best service you can avail to help yourself in gaining knowledge and learning about attempting your test.

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Good job - shared

Nice comparison. I have used Kaplan in the past.