Factors Causing Stress in College Life
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Factors Causing Stress in College Life

College education is extremely important as it prepares students to a brighter career in the future. It is not easy to survive a stressful college life, but by being able to make it through graduation is very rewarding and an achievement itself. You are on your way to face a wider and bigger challenge outside school.


Life in college is extremely stressful especially if you are just entering your first year.  Although there are too many reasons to look forward to and get excited to a college life, there are also many factors that can cause you enough stress as you pursue a college education.

  • Being away from family to pursue college education in other state is very stressful especially if you are not used to live alone and not yet ready to handle responsibilities on your own. The fear that your parents are not around physically to assist in doing your laundry, cooking your meals or just seeing and talking to them just before you go to school can cause a great tension. Moving away to live in a college school dorm means living everything in your hometown like your family, close friends, dog pet, your own room and favorite dish prepared by your mom. Being lonely and homesick can trigger stress. 
  • College education is extremely expensive and lack of enough funds to sustain your school related expenses is a big headache.  
  • In college level, you need to be very studious in order to survive. The methods of teaching and the professors themselves are stricter that in high school and they will demand much of your effort and time to work on your academics as hard as you can. Just the thought of it is already very stressful. You have to make your own study habits and come up with a strategy that works best for you. No one is there to remind and guide you on what needs to be studied. You have to act as matured, disciplined and responsible adult now that you are in college. You need to keep up with the fast pace of college life and it is a big pressure on your part if you don’t know how to deal with it.
  • Living in a college dorm with students that you don’t even know is very stressful as well. Having a roommate that you don’t get along with can cause you great discomfort and awkwardness by not feeling at home in your second home. If you don’t see things on the same side and always argue over something, it can create conflict and hatred. And it isn’t nice to be sharing a room with a person whom you hate, it can cause you sleepless nights.


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