How to Survive A Boring Class
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How to Survive A Boring Class

tips on how to survive a boring class

In College, there are a lot of professors who could really make your stay memorable. There are professors who could really teach well and not just recite the same things all over again. They don't just talk to their students; they communicate. They are interactive and they want students to also give them insights because they also learn from students. They want the students to understand, and they do that very well. Of course, not all teachers are like this. There are professors who blab stuff that are perhaps true but rather very irrelevant. There are teachers who could relate seemingly irrelevant issues to real life, but there are some who just let these issues stay irrelevant and distant. The result? Their classes are boredom's lair, and that is what students dread the most. However, students are only given a certain number of allowable cuts. They are very limited, indeed, so they have to make their way around attendance or just cut all they want. They might as well drop the boring class, but that, of course, is an unnecessary waste of money. The best thing, perhaps, is to just learn how to survive the boring class.

  • Get enough sleep. Seriously, this is of big help. Getting enough sleep will make your brain more attentive, and so, you get to absorb a lot of information that you will be needing in your test. Taking vitamins will help, too! Having the energy will keep you up and will make you want to be hyper, at least for the class. 
  • Jot down notes. This will keep you busy, plus, you're actually learning. Copying notes will stimulate your brain, and studies show that when you copy notes, you get to absorb the information easily. Later on, you'll be thankful that you jotted down notes because they will surely be helpful in the future.
  • Doodle. Almost all teachers hate students who doodle because they seem like they do not listen at all. Perhaps that's right, but doodling helps because it can also stimulate your brain. Listening while doodling helps, too, but it can increase the capacity of your memory to, well, remember. Teachers may think that you're not listening while you're drawing whatever on your notebook but this can really help you understand and keep those lessons in your brain.

These unconventional tips will surely make your classes far from boring, at least for you. These may help you cope up with boring classes that you dread oh-so-much. They won't just help you to merely survive the class; they will also help you gain more knowledge about your subject. It's a win-win situation you've got there!

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