How to Make Your Dorm Room Green and Eco-friendly
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How to Make Your Dorm Room Green and Eco-friendly

Living on campus is a great way to experience college. Many of your great memories are spent in your dorm room. It's where you sleep, study, and spend time with friends but just because your dorm room is the size of a box doesn't mean you can't be friendly to mother nature. Here are some tips on getting that dorm room green:

Tip One:

It's likely you'll have many cords. Computer, TV, DVD player, video game systems, lamp, etc. Minimize the mess of cords and try to organze them by keeping them on one power strip as opposed to having many things plugged into several outlets. This makes it easy to turn off the power switch if you're gone at class or out with friends.

Tip Two:

Hand me downs! When first entering college it's most likely you're like everyone else on campus: broke and busy with school. Vintage shops are a great place to get back to school/dorm items. Vintage shops often have couches, wall art, dishes, etc. I once found a couch at the Goodwill for $20. If you find one thats not as cute as you'd like you can always just buy a sofa cover for it to suite your own taste. Also draping blankets and throw pillows over it are other ways to spruce it up. Mix and matching vintage items can also give your room a cool fun edge to set yourself apart from all of the other identical rooms.

Tip Three:

See if your college has a recycling center. In my dorm room our rooms came pre equipped with recycling trash bins which were a convenient and easy reminder to stay green all year. Also there were recycling bins right outside the dorm hall in the parking lot. Maybe yours isn't so close but it's worth it to see if it's at least on campus!

Tip Four:

Often you can't choose the bulbs of the overhead light in your room but you can choose the bulb in any lamps you may have. Make sure they're compact fluorescent light bulbs.

Tip Five:

Stay communal! Not everyone has to have a microwave and fridge right in their dorm room. Sure, it's great to have but if your floor has a communal kitchen area you can save a lot of energy by using the ones provided for you.

Alright, you have some basic tips for being green in the dorms. Just remember that being green is more about personal choices and purchasing behavior than anything else. It can be hard to be eco friendly on a budget but if you remember some basics; turning lights off, sharing appliances, accepting used items, it can be easier than you think!

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