Political Science Educational Programs
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Political Science Educational Programs

Political Science degrees offer expansive career opportunities within law, government and politics. Political Science majors study the development and the functions of local and federal governments; fundamentals based on behaviors throughout the course of history.

Political Science degrees offer expansive career opportunities within law, government and politics. Political Science majors study the development and the functions of local and federal governments; fundamentals based on behaviors throughout the course of history. 


Career opportunities exist as educators in academics, Legislative Senators, Administrative Aids, Campaign Managers, Journalists, District Attorney, or Judges.  Most students pursuing a Political Science degree go on to become lawyers, and during mid-careers they may change paths into domestic or international politics.


Political Science majors analyze government functions, researching the effects of law and practicing the art of debate. Students are encouraged to challenge, compare and contrast world cultures, while studying the evolution of our own country, filled with historical steps leading to today’s democracy. 

The rise and fall of governments, reviews of formal law and traditions of past and present, ruling governmental bodies are elements of political science.  So are population and public opinions that influence change, aligned with psychological elements of politics and consequences of power.


  • Associate’s degree may open doors into public service.
  • Bachelor's degrees can lead to public service or educational levels.

Course studies enhance thinking skills, logic, writing and analysis opening the doors to world politics, public opinion and behaviors.  History and the development of government from past cultures, today’s contemporaries and comparative politics are part of these studies.  Political Science majors study the arts and humanities and written literature, which reflects the public's view of the time, including physical sciences and math.

The art of diplomacy, language, anthology and of course economics and business are part of the real life applications that affect the function of government.  Most continuing students will participant in an internship program to get real life experience working in the field of political sciences.

  • Graduate Degrees, combined with life experience and undergraduate work, returning students continue the examination of politics, mastering the skills to influence change.

Career paths may change at this point of studies, as the structure of politics becomes more prevalent in the areas of expertise or specialized studies; nonprofit law, labor management relations, public and regulatory policies or administrative theories.

  • Doctorate and PhD degrees are usually in pursuant of a specific career position, normally in research foundations or become faculty members, while completing their studies necessary for their doctoral dissertations.


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