Sorority House Director: College Career Job Description
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Sorority House Director: College Career Job Description

Sorority house director job description outlined with details from an experienced woman in this job on a college campus. College campus employment as a sorority director explained with requirements and benefits reviewed for those looking to consider becoming a part of college business and student assistance. Sorority house director jobs are rewarding and good paying too.

Another name for Sorority house director is a house mother, which is given by sorority members and sorority administrators. This career job description with a national sorority can give women an intense summary to visualize employment in this unusual college career area.

Sorority administrators and other sorority alumni interview propspecitve house directors before they are considered. Intense pre-employment moral, religious, political and highly personal topics are discussed for evaluation of a sorority house director. The answers to the questions are divulged through open discussion while the employers consider to hire or not.

Women who choose a sorority house director job most often times will be required to live in the house on sorority row. Sorority row is a collection of college properties designated for college girls who live away from home while furthering their school education. Campus accommodations vary from a private apartment to a studio room which allow the college girls accessibility to the mother in the building at all times. Housing and all meals are included during a regular college year of employment. Mother's duties are suspended during the summer months and resumed in the fall if a career is pursued.

Duties of the sorority house director require attending many social activities. The job description will outline to include: attending movies, play reviews, musical presentations, theater performances along with other student affairs. A fraternity gentleman escorts the house mother to and from each of those events. Admission to these is paid by the college without charge to her.

Personal requirements:

1. Current basic first aid/CPR/Heimlich certifications.

2. Maturity. Ability to maturely handle emergencies of sorority members.

3. A  good sense of humor is encouraged to possess to enjoy a joke or prank.

4. Temperament suitable for college living.

5. Able to keep confidences given by college women.

6. Some college and/or career experience in related field of the job, is required of a house mother.

Sorority house director job requirements:

1. Oversee working order of plumbing and electrical services in the sorority house.

2. Schedule and be present when maintenance work is planned.

3. Keep records/receipts for all sorority house work performed.

4. Help with student affairs when requested.

5. Attend sorority house director tea parties and other designated campus functions.

6. Fill in for the cook when sickness occurs to that employee.

Director employment benefits:

1. Salary is $600 monthly, paid by check. Negotiations could alter this amount of money.

2. Sorority house room board and utilities paid.

3. Group hospitalization deducted from salary.

4. No cost laundry facilities in sorority house available.

The sorority house director job description could vary if a college career position is not available.  

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Comments (16)

Roberta, is this something you also did?

Yes, James I was a house mother for a National Sorority in Bozeman, Montana for only one year. This was a most memorable encounter in the job field in my working life.

Ahhh, good to know. I always like to know the source of authority--and personal experience can seldom be beat!

Wonderful idea and good to know. Thanks for your effort.

Excellent job description review gained out of experience, Rob.

Great to know this job, excellent write Roberta.

great article, thank you

Good information on this job.

I learn something new about you everyday. Excellent article and nice description. Well done.

outstanding job description.

I knew of such a woman when we visited the Sorority House in our Community for parties....(good times). Didn't know the pay was so low but the housing is probably nice since these establishments are usually older and well built! I never thought about this and it's good to know.

Sorority House Director seems like a fun job from your excellent description. You have led such an interesting life.

You have led such an amazing life!

Roberta only the voice of experience could write this article this well. Great work and your life has truly been an adventure!

Just dropping by again to compliment you on your perfect job descriptions.

Sounds like it would have been an interesting experience for you Roberta!