Students with Test Anxiety
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Students with Test Anxiety

The article tackles the subject of students who experience what is known as test anxiety around midterms and finals. Students become intimidated by test taking and becoming more focused on the outcome of what it is like to fail rather then to pass exams. This article provides helpful insight and tips on how to overcome the anxiety and become the student you want to be.

By Jeramie L Bizzle

As a student, you may experience a lot of stressful things in your life, but no matter what you still take the time out to get your home work and studying done. But it's when you get to class and your teacher says that “You will be have a test next week” all those hours of studying and the things you learned from your homework goes out the window. For most students, test anxiety is common, but it's important to know what is it that triggers the anxiety. 

According to, anxiety can be a disabling condition that causes humiliation, resentment and also panic. Some things that play into this condition includes self doubt, frustration and nervousness. It is known by many professors in a college setting that students sit and stare at a test or exam for a long period of time before they pick of their pencil to begin, because to them, the word itself test can be a meaning of difficulty. One popular subject where this is seen is in a math class. When some people see problems such as y=4x and x+2y+8, the mind goes completely blank although they know the material, the exam paper itself frightens them as it can be a test that can make or break ones self confidence.

Psychologist Dr Ruth Hallongren discusses anxiety and the effects it has towards students.” I think everyone experiences test anxiety, it's a normal accordance. It is usually depends on how often a person gets anxious, depending on intensity. As far as math goes people are mislead to think that they are not good in math, just take a deep breath, remind yourself this is what I can do, and ask did you do you homework and studied?” says Dr Hallongren. Another teacher who weighs in on the topic is Professor Tuan Dean who says that students pay a lot of money not for their teachers to tell them to go see a tutor, otherwise they wouldn't need to be here.

“When it comes to their studies, they put a wall up between them and that prevents them from passing their test.” Professor Dean.

Students shouldn't be alarmed that they experience this constantly, but there are ways to cure yourself, some include practice, remind yourself that it is just a test and as Dr Hallongren said if you studied and did your homework you will be fine, and the most important one of all, relax, relax and once again, RELAX!!!

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